Plaka designs strategies to shape entrepreneurship, talent, and industry ecosystems. We partner with entrepreneurs, communities, and organizations to identify solutions that deliver systemic and sustainable impact.  

Thomas Edison



Strategy + Management 

Research + Planning

  • Strategic planning

  • Economic, workforce, and industry analysis

  • Economic development and talent strategies

  • Business retention and expansion programming

  • Economic impact studies

  • Comprehensive, standardized criteria to determine a site or building’s readiness for (re)development

  • Targeting existing buildings, brownfields, and greenfield sites

Ecosystem Development

  • Market demand for entrepreneurial space, programming, resources, and target users

  • Potential economic impact analysis

  • Community and stakeholder support assessment

  • Successful practices and case studies

  • Gaps within the entrepreneurial ecosystem and opportunities for efficiencies

  • Entrepreneurial support programming

  • Executive outsourcing

  • Management and operations assessment

  • Stakeholder consensus building and data gathering

  • Council, board, and stakeholder training on entrepreneurship and economic development

  • Industry and community asset marketing

  • Grant proposal writing, program development, and administration


Economic Developer. Indianapolis based. Small business owner in consulting, construction, and real estate, too. Veteran supporter, wife, mom, runner. (Not in order of significance.)


Young Adult Life

Born in Chicago, raised in Indy by restaurant entrepreneurs (that’s the Greek in me). Attended the University of Indianapolis by playing a lot of softball. Left softball for Athens, Greece to finish university. Lived in the Plaka neighborhood, in the shadow of the Acropolis (and where old and new beautifully bond together). Moved to NYC and worked in the art world. Moved to Brussels, Belgium for grad school. Ran out of money, finished my dissertation, and moved back to Indy. Met a Marine.


2008 - Present

Started my economic development career at the Indiana Economic Development Corporation working to attract foreign investment. Did the same for Develop Indy. Married the Marine. Supported local economic development for the City of Noblesville. Moved into consulting January 2014. Worked across the country with rural and urban communities, start-ups and corporations. Had a daughter. Started remodeling and real estate investment companies while still consulting on economic development and entrepreneurship. Launched Plaka in 2019. 


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